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Early Medieval without the Vikings

Dark Under the Cover of Night (Kingdom of the East Angles, #1) - Jayne Castel

If you have read Kathryn Le Veque books because you want to read some Medieval books but found them "too much" (too many characters, series tie-ins, too historical) this might be a good alternative. It is hard to find Early Medieval period books and this one doesn't deal with Vikings, so I was excited to download this one as a Kindle Freebie. 
The vernacular mostly reads as more modern, with historical appropriate terms and titles, which makes it more "readable". The author incorporates real historical figures to give it more feel which I liked. 
The book is a bit top heavy though with good story and character building, the ending is rushed with characters acting in ways that feel forced for angst because of previous set-ups. I really enjoyed the first half but character make-ups kind of took a dive in the second half and left them feeling only 70% complete instead of fully fleshed out. 
The women definitely don't have it easy in this one, one sexy-time scene between hero and heroine (other sex scenes), and not a fully completed romance. 
Started off promising but kind of fell apart in ending second half. Definitely a win for a Kindle freebie and fun to visit a different time period.