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Buddy Reads

I know I don't have quite as many romance genre reading friends on this site in comparison to GoodReads but I thought I'd still give a heads-up that I started a Buddy Reads group over there yesterday. 


Romance Book Buddy Reading


I did add a non-romance section too and put out a call for Mar 1st starting A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle buddy read. 


I got a bit frustrated and lost in bigger groups with the taking a month to vote and decide on a read and having the pick be one I usually didn't want to participate in anyway. I'm hoping this more focused group with "Here's the book I want to read with time period" individual started format will be easier, quicker, and with a centralized thread, so no scattered posts across people's individual updates, will provide a better buddy read. 


Anyway, if anyone is interested, I'm trying to set-up the Mar 1st Wrinkle BR, there is an older romance western read - Only in My Arms by Jo Goodman starting Feb 5th, and it looks like some are trying to get a newer Dancing at Devil's Leap by Julie Anne Long BR started. 


Enjoy the week, everyone!