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Menu Monday

BLs has been working like a charm for me (Sun. 25th) after about two weeks of feeling stonewalled when I tried to bebop around on it. Let's hope this lasts!


Honey Salmon in foil




What would Menu Monday be without a simple flavored salmon meal? Probably more entertaining, but alas, here we are. Simple, easy, good flavoring, and satisfied the dinner hunger on a tiring day. Not a recipe with enough wow power to be kept or hang around but I'll look back fondly on as a hit it and quit it.


White Cheese and Chicken Lasagna



I wouldn't say become the Unabomber to get time to make this but definitely kick your family out for a day, this was YUMMY. Actually doesn't take an absurd amount of time, around an hour I think (chicken already cooked) and not super hard to put together, you will be moving and grooving while cooking. I dropped on some sriracha to give it a little pop to the taste and loved it. Definitely keeping this recipe and highly recommend you all try this one.



Roasted Cauliflower and Chickpea Tacos



I love meals that make me feel like I'm eating like the most healthy person to walk the earth. Totally cancels out the occasional chickie nugget meal from McDonalds, right? So happy to hear you all agree. The seasoning on the cauliflower and chickpeas was good and the lime crema complimented it all. Quick, easy, and of course you can't beat the healthy af  feeling. Don't forget your avocado!



Chunky Monkey Morning Oats



Another one that you probably don't need a recipe for but I like to pin these to give the idea to myself. I doubled the recipe and made it for supper one night I was home alone. Super good, probably because I added a very healthy handful of chocolate chips. Only had the dog for a witness and he was bought off with a spoon full of peanut butter. Nice app/treat/breakfast/supper.



Tangy Strawberry Cream Cheese Pound Cake



This may be the most unhealthy thing I have ever made. When I was dumping everything together, I started to get a little sick, lol. But, this also has Kool-Aid in it! Yes, Kool-Aid! I'm not a huge fan of bundt cake because I don't like the outer like shell that forms because of the pan it's cooked in, too hard, I like soft and gooey. the pink was a little more vibrant than the picture is showing but not the pretty red on the recipe page by any means. I was also super disappointed in the "tangy strawberry" part, was all but non-existent for me and I have pretty good taste buds. I'm not sure I've had pound cake before, so maybe the more blah taste was on point. I put cool whip and cut up strawberries on mine but still not worth it for how unhealthy. Took forever to make and blah :(



Any ending of the month dazzling or just plain solidly good recipes to share?