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Looking for city recs again!

Just getting over the flu, I feel like I lived but barely, lol. I missed Menu Monday but it will be back next week! 

Let me know if I missed anything exciting or food :)  Trying to scroll down my feed gets super glitchy sometimes. 


Since I got such awesome recommendations when I asked for where to go in Chicago, I'd thought I'd tap you wonderful resources again. This year our baseball trip is going to be New York for the Yankees. I'm not thrilled because New York seems too much for me but the bf wanted and the dates worked so here we are. I'm still not sure if we're going to stay in the Upper West side or East Village, pricing and finding walking distance stuff I think we'll like has me going bonkers. The problem is obviously not finding stuff to do but too much and me not knowing New York At All.


Our nights will obviously be taken up by the baseball games but if there are any great bars, restaurants, or sights you think I need to take in, please let me know! 

Bf loves BBQ but pizza and any other New York meatie food must he would love. 

I'm a little more vegetarian, seafood

We love pubs, dive bars, or low key bars.

Anything historical I love :)


Missed all your posts and checking in while I  was sick!