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Back and exhausted!

Since I can't seem to understand the concept of having a relaxing vacation, I'm exhausted as all get out. The baseball team we traveled all that way to see lost all 4 of the games, which was disappointing to say the least. I feel like they owe me some money, lol. 

New York was what I expected in some ways and not in others. The accents in the Bronx delighted me and I felt like I had found my people as their shit talking cursing selves felt like home, lol. We stayed in the Lower East Side which made commuting to Yankee Stadium expensive everyday (Neither me nor the bf have ever dealt with a subway system or knew or way around NY so we opted for Uber) but I would highly promote staying in that area. There were numerous restaurants, bars, and shops with amazing diversity; you could find anything you were looking for. I'm already missing being able to get any kind of food at 4am. I am not missing the hella claustrophobic feeling I started to develop there though. We found amazing dive bars so the alcohol wasn't outrageously priced but I did notice food prices seemed to be priced around $4 higher than in Minneapolis. 

If you like dive bars and rock music, Marshall Stacks had a great selection and variety of beers, I enjoyed the Kentucky Bourbon Ale and he gave me a free sample of the Vikings Blood mead. For bar late night eats, Hair of the Dog was a great place. 

By the stadium, The Yankee Tavern, if you get at least 2hrs before game to find seating, had a Bronx bartender that could have been from a tv show and the crowd will definitely give you that NY feeling. For less crowded and cheap beer but an amazing slice of pizza, the Stadium Bar and Grill.


Cannoli from Pasticceria Rocco will have me dreaming about it for a long time

Definitely hit that up in Greenwich Village if you have a sweet tooth


We didn't have time to visit all of The Met but I made sure we got to The Cloisters; the Medieval part. I highly recommend as the way it is laid out, you feel like you are walking around a castle, it doesn't feel like a museum. The various outside gardens make it a delight. 

Be careful if you have Sprint service though, our phones wouldn't get service up there and we ended up getting lost walking around Inwood for about 10 minutes trying to get service before I hailed a cab like a true New Yawker. 

The Unicorn Tapstry


Top of a Crusader's coffin




Medieval art never fails to delight me



The bf had to see this. They have it very blocked off though and I guess don't do tours anymore.



Fraunce's Tavern, the upstairs museum part. You get to see a lock of George Washington's hair but unless you're already in the Wall St area or planning on eating in the restaurant, I would say not worth making the trip downtown to see, the building isn't original just the artifacts in it.




And of course, Yankee Stadium. The outside is grand and imposing but I don't know, not to be rude, but I've been in better stadiums. Definitely the most rowdy crowd though!


Because of the rain on the day I picked to go to Battery park and look at the Statue of Liberty (I did get to see it on the drive to and from airport) and do the Highline Walk Obsidian Blue told me about, those events had to be skipped on.Lame. 


New York, not as rat-ty as I had imagined but definitely as crammed, lol. I would honestly go back to just visit the Lower East Side and spend days walking around, so much diversity and amazing food.


Hope you all enjoyed your week, too!