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Menu Monday

Well, that turned out to be a longer hiatus than I expected, lol. Life, too busy. Anyway, what delicious treats have you all been making?


Lemon Herb Salmon Burgers



These were delicious and didn't take a whole lot of time to make. I prepped the salad while the salmon was thawing. I only used three salmon fillets and it ended up making four patties, which was perfect my "you've got to be kidding with that one serving size" ass. I paired the burgers with a lemon, kale, and cranberry salad. All the flavors combined deliciously well and I highly recommend adding some Greek yogurt to the dressing and topping the salmon burgers with it. Yummy healthiness! 



One Pot Cheesy Taco Skillet



I, of course, substituted the beef with ground turkey, left out the zucchini (mushy cucumbers??? Yuck), and added some tortilla chips. Anything that has cheesy in the title has got to be good, right? This was and browning the turkey was the most time consuming. Yummy quick easy cheesiness!




Creamsicle Fluff




I love the creamsicle flavoring and try to jam it into any desserts in the summer. It is sweet without being too sweet and I don't know, just seems fun. I added some extra marshmallows (I never spell that word without first putting an "e" instead of the second "a") because I love them and added only around 10 mandarin oranges because I think it is minutely freaking to have real fruit in these things, they always seem to overwhelm it and I end up picking them out anyway. This didn't make a huge amount which was nice and it delivered on the orange creamsicle taste. A tiny time consuming with adding, chilling, adding, and chilling, but worth it I say!  Yummy summer time fun!




Avocado chickpea pizza



I know pizza is sacred to some people and this will be considered an abomination by some, but y'all, it was so good! I didn't make the suggested crust but did do the vegan cheese sauce (had to order nutritional yeast flakes off Amazon, lol).  I thought this was super good, don't leave out the avocado toppers! The smoked paprika seasoning is crucial and gave the whole thing an amazing smokey flavor. I'd definitely make this again...and hope my cheese sauce came out a little thinner, it was a bit, um, silly putty? I don't know, I was rushed and it tasted good and baked up fine. Just alerting in case others have the same problem and letting know not to fear. I drizzled more hot sauce on top for more kick. Yummy smokey goodness!




Spicy Vegan Jamaican Jerk Cauliflower Tacos with Mango Salsa



These are the most time consuming food on the list, took probably around an hour (mostly roasting the cauliflower but also dicing up a mango can be a butt).  I'm constantly amazed at how seemingly wackadoodle combos can taste so good together. I guess I'm still a foodie newbie. The jerk has some kick so be careful if you usually can't handle that sort of thing, I thought the mango did a great job of toning it down. Some serious amazing taste combos happening in this one. Yummy wackadoodleness!



I hope my vegan/vegetarian friends found some new recipes and my meat eating friends got inspired to try something different. I missed doing these and catching up on what you all were eating, hoping to get a streak of Mondays going again :)