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An Irish Attraction by Louisa Masters

An Irish Attraction: Emerald Isle Enchantment - Louisa Masters

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


Stop laughing!” Keela demanded, smacking him with a cushion between her own bouts of giggles. “It’s not that funny.”

Flopping back against the sofa, Seamus gasped for breath. “Not that funny? A ghost who lived before the Industrial Revolution wanted to give you the sex talk!”


Castle Tullamore Hotel is a hot spot for supernatural activity, when the owner assigns the senior concierge, Seamus, to assist another paranormal investigator coming to visit, he is none to happy. Keela is not your average investigator though, for one, she can see and communicate with the ghosts. An elevator that can send you on interdimensional travel, matchmaking ghosts, and a budding romance, help make this a short and fun read.


The story starts off with Keela giving validation to the existence of supernatural and paranormal beings, she can see and communicate with them, so the reader gets to just settle into and enjoy the world the author has created, no questioning of what is real in that aspect. I liked the spark and interaction between her and Seamus, their romance moves very quickly (short page count) but their closed door romance added some cute moments and emotion to the story.


The main mystery Keela is there to investigate, a Victorian age elevator that can send its inhabitants time traveling or on an interdimensional journey, started off intriguing. I would have liked Keela and Seamus to have went on a journey and the final reveal of what was truly happening was a very quick, kind of confusing at certain points, info dump feeling of an explanation.


The setting of Castle Tullamore Hotel provided a fun location and seems rife with interesting characters for the author to highlight. There are matchmaking ghosts, a studious library ghost, werewolf bellboys, and many more to wreak havoc with guests. This was just over one hundred pages, you won't get a lot of depth to characters, but if looking for a fun, quick read, this will immerse you in a lively little world.