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Missing relationship development

Can't Forget You (Risking It All Book 3) - Rachel Lacey

Hero broke up with heroine after high school without a goodbye to join the army. A suicide bomber ends his career and he comes back state side to run an adventure company with two buddies. The hero and heroine end up having to buy a parcel of land together and reconnect from there. 


This was so lifeless and had a couple paint-by-numbers points, highschool love, PTSD from military service, and abandonment issues from parents. Then had a couple random thrown in points, heroine suffering from mysterious illness, turns out to be 

Lyme's disease

(show spoiler)

, and 

hero's mother shows up randomly.

(show spoiler)

None of the random points are really fleshed out, especially the last one, a lot of what was the point, story elements going on. 


The romance and relationship development between the two was seriously lacking, they just kind of start meeting up and then having sex again. This was a lifeless story that felt like it was just going through the motions.