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First person and present tense

Beginner's Luck - Kate Clayborn

I did a buddy read for this one, so for all my thoughts, comments, and quotes (plus you get the insight from someone who really loved this) - Buddy Read Beginner's Luck


So, right off the bat, I have to say, this is written in first person pov with dueling chapters from the heroine and hero and in present tense. I am not the biggest fan of either, especially romance in present tense, this obviously, hurt my enjoyment of the story. If you don't have such qualms, then your mileage with vary.


This was a little slower pace with a very good realness tone to it. Our hero and heroine, Ben and Kit, deal with real life issues regarding trust, bitterness, pain, and hurt. Ben's stems from his mother leaving him to be mostly raised by his dad and Kit's from her father being an alcoholic with a gambling problem. 


I was a little shocked, because of how the series synopsis seemed to highlight that Kit and her two friends won the lottery, how much it wasn't a focus. Kit buys a house to fix up and it gives her the money to do that, which in the prologue, we know Kit wants. 


The feel of the story gave a strong women's fiction but if women's fiction focused on a hero as much as heroine. The friendship between Kit and her two friends was lovely to read about. Like I said, this deals with real life issues. I felt like the story ended up feeling a little uneven to me because of how it was hard for me to get into in the beginning, then the slower middle, and then the last 30% was fast moving with a Big Misunderstanding, family drama, and relationship upheaval. 


A lot of people loved this story and I ended up bumping it up a star because of a wonderfully written emotional moment and generally the last 30% was heartaching emotion. If you don't mind first person and present tense, you'll probably want to check this one out.