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A hearty thank you!

The bf and I DVR Jeopardy! episodes, so I don't know exactly when this episode aired but the final Jeopardy question category was Fictional Characters. My eyes lit up but when Alex read it, the stories listed weren't ones I had read but, the last clue "The Girdle of Hippolyta" sounded incredibly familiar to me. 

I racked my brain trying to remember the story and then I realized I remembered it from BookLikes! What author has a good majority of fans on BLs? Agatha Christie.

I shouted out Poirot! Probably mispronounced, lol. 


So thank you to all you Poirot readers and especially to anyone who talked about The Girdle of Hippolyta, you made me look like a smarty pants by getting that magical final Jeopardy question right :)