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Midnight Awakening by Lara Adrian

Midnight Awakening - Lara Adrian

I like how the author is shaking things up a bit with this book. Elise already knows about the Breed and has in fact be living in one of the Darkhavens (little communities for vampires and breedmates). Looks like the author is going to have to find a new source of conflict for Elise and Tegan.
Ooh I like the animosity between Elise and Tegan. They have such a strong chemistry together. Like the rawness of their relationship. Elise uses Tegan first with drinking his blood to become strong again which in their society is a disrespectful move, breedmates are only suppose to drink blood from their bonded mates.
I like how the booty scene came in the last half of the book. Added more tension between Elise and Tegan but there could have been more in my opinion. The author is really good at setting the scene but seems to lack skill when it comes to the characters.
Wished Marek (the villain) would have had more of fighting end or standoff, he was built up to be a mad ass mofo then just kind of whiffed at the end.
I do like how the author replaced the role of villain Marek with an on the loose Ancient (alien who crash landed on earth or original vampire), keeps the story fresh and keeps the series going.
I don't know this series is starting to run together for me. I really think the character of Tegan (loved how much he cusses, a man after my own heart) saved this story for me. Each book seems like essentially the same story but with different character names. This series seems more about the story than the characters, does that make sense? The author is a good enough writer to keep me interested but I'm starting to get worn on this series.

*I realized I didn't say much about the lead female character Elise. Mostly forgettable unless she was arguing with Tegan then there were flashes of passion but otherwise she was just annoying in her stubbornness.