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Simon Says by Lori Foster

Simon Says - Lori Foster

Geez, I have to say Simon comes off really cold in the first chapter when he is ending it with his girlfriend. I guess it's kind of explained by stating he never really loved her but man show some regret or anger.


Wow, Simon is so arrogant! I haven't decided yet if I like it or am annoyed.
The character of Barnaby (Simon's real father) was overworked as a villain. The whole storyline of Barnaby blackmailing Dakota was weird and creepy. I wish the author would have thought of a different way to get Simon and Dakota together because they were pretty decent characters.


Going to have to say ditto with the character of Bonnie (Simon's ex-girlfriend) on being overworked. She was a little too scary crazy.
Through most of the book I couldn't help wondering if the author was a pimp for the UFC (what the SBC is modeled after in this series) because she kept touting how all the fighters are sooo smart, funny, chivalrous, and all around fantastic. I mean Simon is constantly trying to get Dakota to talk and when Dakota says "Good grief, you are the most talkative man.." Simon says "Most men enjoy a little conversation" (!?!) This is all being said while Dakota is sitting naked on Simon's lap in a hot tub. I can stand to have my imagination stretched as much as the next person , but come on!


Have to say I loved the ending and how Simon let Dakota take care of Marvin; overcoming her fear and all that jazz.


This was an average book and if you read the first in the series "Causing Havoc" you might like it even more because you'll recognize a lot of the characters. Nothing spectacular here though.