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To Desire a Devil by Elizabeth Hoyt

To Desire a Devil - Elizabeth Hoyt

The flashback Reynaud has of his capture in America is crazy, you feel so bad for him. Reynaud is turning out to be a crazy complex interesting character.


***Seether song "Broken" really fits the character of Reynaud. I keep hearing it in the background.***


Oh sad, the character of Jeremy is heartbreaking!
There were some great secondary characters, like Beatrice's friend Lottie. At the beginning I liked the extra storyline of Lottie and the problems she was having with her hubby but the author didn't flush it out enough at the end to warrant the time these secondary characters took away from Reynaud and Beatrice.


I definitely felt there was more chemistry between Reynaud and Beatrice than previous couples in this series and yes it made for a better story. Chemistry between characters is a must I say!


Reynaud turned out to be my favorite hero from this series, what can I say I luv dark characters. It kept giving me shivers when Reynaud would say "Not yet." and "You are mine". If you read the book ladies you'll know what I'm talking about. ;)


I was a little bit disappointed in Reynaud and Beatrice's courtship. I know I said they had good chemistry but still why did they get together again?
The author's writing seemed stronger to me in this book. The scene where Reynaud and Beatrice are eating at the dinner table and Reynaud says "Come closer" I grinned. Then Beatrice invites Reynaud upstairs and tells the maid "Be sure you don't see anything in the hall" I shivered. And then Reynaud telling Beatrice to undress him, my toes curled. Powerful couple of pages, will definitely be a scene I remember for a long time.


Well the whole traitor storyline continued here from the previous books in the series finally came to an end, I had the traitor picked out :), was eh satisfactory. I frankly got a little tired of the whole fiasco as at the end of each book the traitor was found then oops no not found.


"To Desire a Devil" was my favorite of the series. Pretty strong series all around and I would for sure recommend it. But all the relationships were lacking for me. There was so much more to the storyline (finding a traitor) that the how's and why's of the main characters coming together and falling in love was lost at times. So much going on it just felt like the author was scratching the surface on relationships. Why are these two people coming together? I need to feel and understand this question for a story to resonate with me.


Oh and Rebecca and O'Hare (Samuel's sister and footman from book 1) who were previously ignored for 3 books was FINALLY mentioned. I was given 3 measly lines to know there is going to be, hopefully, a happy ending for them.