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To Seduce a Sinner by Elizabeth Hoyt

To Seduce a Sinner - Elizabeth Hoyt

Still digging the story within a story at the beginning of each chapter. The story of Laughing Jack gives great insight to Jasper's character.


Oh Melisande, when she says she stood by and watched Vale become engaged to Emeline and then Mary but when Mary threw him to the side she thought to herself why not why not try to claim him? Oh how I like characters in silent pain.


Worst. wedding. night. ever. Nothing else need to be said about this.


Oooh Vale needs to be taught manners after their second time of having sex he just leaves her, feel so bad for Melisande and how she doesn't understand yet his pain and demons which keep him from her.


They both make these huge confessions but then don't ever really talk about them again. It's a build up to finally baring their souls and then ok over now. So crazy that Melisande's big secret is never discussed again and trust me folks for this time period her secret is pretty big.


Hoyt did a good job of setting up the next story in the series, makes me want to read it.


Oh for christ sakes, so even though it clearly looked like Matthew Horn was the traitor he wasn't the traitor for Spinner's Falls. Ugh, I just want to know who the traitor is, hate when authors make something soo obvious then say nope it's not soo obvious going make you work for it some more.


Annoying how Vale always addresses Melisande as sweet heart, sweet wife, my heart, lovely wife, and so on over and over. Ugh, I like endearments as much as the next gal but overload! Melisande is a pretty name roll with it.


Good story just Melisande and Jasper Vale never did it for me. They had some witty comments and I can see how they fit together as a couple just not the extra umph or chemistry which turns average books into keepers . The quality of writing and overall story raised this book from being a C even though I thought the main characters and love story was missing something.