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The Seducer by Madeline Hunter

The Seducer - Madeline Hunter

Frustration and more of the same is what I thought and felt throughout most of this book.


At the beginning I felt sucked into the story because of the strength of the plot; it's mysterious with who is who's, what happeneds, and oh boy what is going to happen. (fully aware that last sentence is a grammatical nightmare but I'm tired so you get what you get). I was rolling along getting excited for about four chapters thinking "here we go!" until the story slowed down and I felt like I was sloshing through mud.


Right off the bat I had a hard time connecting with the main hero Daniel. He was a shady character for far too much of the book. After I had finished the story and sat back thinking about him, I liked him a lot more. The value of hindsight and knowing why he did the things he did. However, during reading the author didn't reveal enough of his thoughts and feelings for me to connect with him. Taken as a whole with all the info Daniel is a pretty interesting guy, but I wish the author could have let me into his mind so I could have enjoyed his character more as I read.


Our heroine Diane was alright (try not to be blown away with that description I just gave of her). With her character, looks/mannerisms and such, I've been there and bought the t-shirt. I kept waiting for her to step up more and break out into a more intriguing character, didn't happen. In fact that pretty much sums up my feelings about the whole book. It had break out potential but failed whenever it came time to step up.


The mystery part of the storyline of why Daniel was doing the things he was doing and using Diane wasn't revealed until the very end. Little clues were given but seriously the whole picture wasn't made available until the very, very end. This type of story where the reader is playing catch up only works in fast pace books not slow ones like this.


There was a stilted coldness and mature feeling to this story that I can only attribute to the writers style and probably why I always felt like I was looking from the outside in instead of being immersed in the story. Around the middle end of the book I started to warm-up to the characters but never enough to get excited about.


There was a cute/hot moment of interaction between Diane and Daniel who are looking at a book that contains some interesting drawings and Diane is saying whether she finds them interesting or shocking. When Diane focuses on one particular drawing Daniel's reactions are quite humorous. This scene added some much needed levity and how I wish there were more moments like this to share with you all.


Like I said before the revelations don't come until the end of the book and by the time I got to the them I was just bored and more than ready to move on. Looking at just the storyline and how the author plotted out the past interactions between characters and how they meet up again in the present, I would give this book an A grade. So why did I give it a C-? Because I didn't care or feel connected to these wonderful plotted characters. I seriously was only into this story for about four chapters.

Complaint: This book had a serious misleading title. "Seducer"? My butt. There were a couple times the author tried to work it in, but you can't fool me sister!!!