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Loose Ends by Tara Janzen

Loose Ends - Tara Janzen

Holy $#*%! This was way better than I thought it was going to be. Janzen was kind of slumping in this series but whoa baby came back with a bang on this one. If you haven't read the entire series then good luck understanding what the hell is going on and if you have read the entire series then be prepared to be emotional while reading this book.


J.T. and Jane were perfect for each other and I loved how their past relationship was shown throughout the whole book in flashbacks, instead of info dumped. Lead characters I was interested in, yeah!


The original chop shop boys all make appearances, with Dylan getting a lot of the attention. There was some fat that could have been trimmed from this book, the whole MNK-1 thing was a little weird but I feel a new series spawning from this idea of SEALs being altered. If so, charge on Janzen I do love me some SEALs (altered or not)!


J.T., Kid Chaos, and CREED have their moments of dealing with their emotions in a, sort of, closure. It was 95% satisfying for me as a reader.


Anyway, if you have followed this series you definitely, must, I insist, you read this book. It would have gotten five stars if the MNK-1 storyline would have been edited out. Also if there would have been more Kid Chaos. He was and still remains my fav from this series. I need more of him and Nikki. Come on Janzen give me another book or throw me a bone with a novella about him coming to terms with what he does for a living and Nikki knowing about it. Kid Chaos and Nikki are the way to my heart and therefore my wallet. Hint Hint Hint Ms. Janzen!