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Silk and Shadows by Mary Jo Putney

Silk and Shadows - Mary Jo Putney

Well, hello, definitely lust at first sight by Sara when she meets Peregrine. By the way for some weird reason the name Peregrine is keeping me out of the story somewhat.
So sad when Peregrine meets Jenny Miller in the virgins brothel and she describes what life choices she really has. Just depressing knowing women's lives were really like this and still like this is some parts of the world. Oh man I just kept thinking please, please Peregrine save her.

This line made my eyes water:

"If he chose, he could help this girl, but what was the point of saving one little whore? It would make no difference to that vast, endless, tragic horde of broken children.
But as Jenny stared at him with great stark eyes, he knew that it would make a difference to her."


For some reason I didn't really feel into the story until the dramatic library scene where Peregrine and Sara are found making out on the sofa. Her fiancée Charles loses his shit and I could almost feel Peregrines satisfaction at delivering a blow to his enemy. I was anxious to read on because I felt like now some stuff was going to go down not only between Peregrine and Charles but Peregrine and Sara.


Even though they had such a small part in the story Jenny and Slade kind of stole the show for me at times. The tough vulnerability of Jenny was written wonderfully, like this line:

"But she had never known that a man could want a woman and not take her because he did care. There was something very fragile and precious in the idea, though she didn't really understand it. Maybe someday she would."


I really did enjoy how Peregrine healed Sara's inner scars over her limp. Peregrine made Sara into a woman and it was commendable writing by Putney for the beautiful way she wrote this.


After Peregrines past is revealed (I thought this should have been done earlier) and Sara finally finds out the extent of Peregrines revenge on Charles, she decides to leave him. I thought how fast Sara left Peregrine and the way it was done was very immature. Sara should have stayed around to talk to Peregrine longer. Writing him a note and giving back her wedding ring seemed liked a very hasty decision.


This was quite a tale, but it did not hit a cord with me like so many have before. There are definitely some dark issues Putney deals with in this book and she does a great job. I can see how some people describe this book as beautiful and poignant, but it just didn't reach that level for me. I was never completely immersed into the story. I know a lot of people think the world of this book but for me it was just an "eh" book.