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Feels like I won a battle but lost the war

Love Among the Rabble - Lauren Laviolette

The half star is completely due to the time period this book is set in.  It's horrible to love a time period so much and not find quality romance books to read in it. 


The romance aspect of this book left a lot to be desired.  The couple first meet when she is 15 and he is 24.  Instalove, from both of them.  Well, to be fair it was more instalove when they meet the second time, when she is 16.  So, way better, right?  I understand this time period the ladies married way younger but gah, at least start her off at 18/19. 


The couple, Lily and Bennett, really don't spend time together.  Her family is secretly wanting to cut the cord from England and Bennett is an English ship captain.  Should be a set up for some fantastic conflict, right? Didn't happen :(  She's either at her uncle's townhouse in Charles Towne doing........something?........or at her family farm and Bennett is on his English ship intimidating upstart Colonials from the harbor.  They seem to meet up once year.  Lily gets pregnant from one of these meetings, (the sex scene was written so lackluster I personally didn't think a person could get pregnant from it but whatever) doesn't tell Bennett about the child, and marries a cousin.


Cousin of course dies (upstanding men who marry pregnant women really need to watch their backs in these stories) four years pass.  Bennett has resigned his captaincy and is now Sir Charles thanks to a dead uncle. Lily and Bennett/Sir Charles have their meet up, some story, more story, Bennett tears up when he realizes he has a boy, all forgiven, and proposal.  Lily, Bennett/Sir Charles, and her family decide to sit the rest of the war out in Jamaica. 


Now, there was some actual fun/good reading parts that involved the war aspect which you read about while Lily and Bennett/Sir Charles are busy not having any interaction.  The author incorporates real life individuals and in the beginning of the book, when it is 1773, there are two really well written scenes that convey the tension and a powder keg about to go off feeling between Colonials and British.  The author just really flubbed the romance aspect :(


*scurries off to read (and, let's not kid ourselves, watch) The Last of the Mohicans*