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When a Laird Takes a Lady by Rowan Keats

When a Laird Takes a Lady - Rowan Keats

Leaps and bounds better than the first one.  However, I still felt like it suffered from pacing issues.  Very slow moving and it felt like nothing was going on even though there is a swirling mess of "who dunnit?" afoot.

Aiden, the lead Laird and Isabail, the lead Lady, were good (not great) characters.  Aiden had definite potential in the beginning and there were flashes of strong, caring, and dark/complexity, but his character suffered from a lack of actions.  He growled a lot but even that couldn't save him as in the end he felt very thin.
Isabail tried to go from a very naive, having no idea what is really going on, to a woman ready to take on the world for her man.  She didn't quite make it and ended up never shedding her naiveness and seemingly still a bit confused.

The mystery storyline started in the first book, who is the murderous necklace stealing man in black, is not resolved in this book. Will this keep me up at night wondering?  No.  Will I buy the next book in the series to find out who it was?  Maybe.  I am a sucker for historical Scottish books (there is a sad lack of new ones to come out lately) and like I said, I found this book to be better than the first, so eh, maybe the third time will be the charm.