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Hell's Knights - Bella Jewel

I'm a huge horror movie fan, unfortunately, there are times when they can slide into the torture porn track.  The early/mid 2000s really had this problem. 


This book is starting to give me that icky ish feeling I can get while watching a film where a woman is being tortured, in a pretty sexual way, in some loner dude's basement because scary story and reasons


We have our main character Addison be abandoned by her father, hated and uncared for by her druggie whore (an actual "I get paid for the this" whore) mom, raped at age 13 by her mother's pimp, constantly have to fight off her mother's johns, find someone to love her but then abandons her, mother's pimp rapes her more frequently, watches her mother die, shots pimp, and finally on run from pimp.


Whew!  Can a girl get a break?!?


Look, I know the author wants the reader to understand Addison has had a shitty life, but damn, choose two or even three and leave the rest in your tool box for the next book.


Addison is very vocal about letting people know she was raped and as the reader, we hear it over and over what has happened to her.  Good and great that Addison, as a character, can vocalize this.  However, as the reader, my real problem comes in at the flashbacks.  In this we get the description of events in Addison's past.  Attempted rape and actual rape accounts.  So not only do we have Addison, many times, vocalizing her rape, we have detailed flashback accounts.


Now, I do not think just because it's rape, it shouldn't be discussed, and I get the author is trying to convey why Addison acts and reacts the way she does in the present.  In my opinion, which no one else may be experiencing, I'm getting that icky ish feeling and saying it's starting to read like torture porn.