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Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness by Deb Marlowe

Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness: A Half Moon House Novella (Half Moon House Series) - Deb Marlowe

A spunky American chit who only wants to help her friend and a tired worn out Englishman who only wants to protect his nephew from scandal make for a pretty fun read in this novella. This is third (book 1 and then another novella) in the Half Moon House series.  I have not read the other books but did not feel lost in this one, although, I can tell there were aforementioned characters that others who had read previous books in the series would enjoy seeing. 

Liberty, spunky American, is bored in staid uptight London and decides to help a new friend find her one true love. Liberty is the typical feisty regency heroine but thankfully, never crosses over into TSTL territory. Simon, tired worn out Englishman, has had a lifetime of helping to keep others away from scandal and is determined to keep his nephew from falling into ruin.  As you can imagine, Liberty and Simon butt heads quite a lot. As you can probably also imagine, Liberty meddles her friend and herself into some romantic entanglements. (I also have a meddlesome friend, she has never meddled me an Englishman, tired worn out or not. I'll have to talk to her about this) There is some witty banter (tad mellow), mystery, and The Big Secret. However, since this is a novella expect this all to be fast paced and lacking in the depth and breadth columns.  

This was my first Deb Marlowe book and I can definitely say I will be reading her again and will be going back and picking up book one.  I like the feel of the series and honestly, any author who uses the phrase "stop skinny dipping in the scandal broth" deserves to be read.