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Guilty Pleasure Alert! Devil's Game by Joanna Wylde

Devil's Game - Joanna Wylde

First off, let's get this out of the way, this was a keeper for me. A book I reviewed awhile ago, I put "this is why I read historical romance". Well, this is why I read contemporary biker romance. I state biker because let's be honest, with the sudden overwhelming influx of this trope, it deserves its own category.

This is part of a series and if you read the previous book (Reaper's Legacy) you are ahead of the game and probably have been eagerly awaiting Em and Hunter's story. Since half of this book takes place during the time period of Reaper's Legacy, you're fine if you just want to start with this one and have not read the previous books.

The first 70% or so of this book was oh so good. We learn that Hunter, as part of a rival motorcycle club the Devil's Jacks, is tasked with the assignment of keeping tabs on Em, the daughter of the president of the hated Reapers. Their relationship starts online and Em, who only knows Hunter as Liam, starts to fall for Hunter through their conversations. She eventually agrees to meet up with him and there starts the story of holy hot sexual tension, chemistry, betrayal, push/pull, and love/hate.

You see, Hunter kidnaps Em and tries to use her against her father and MC club. Em does not take to this too kindly. We get to see Em come out of her shell, her strength, and raw emotions regarding Hunter. Hunter shows us his ability to control his emotions (well almost with Em), ruthlessness, and weaknesses. These characters are well drawn with past histories created that lead to believable motivations, actions, and emotions. These two want to be together but with a Romeo and Juliet vibe, they must battle for that to happen. The action part of the storyline deals with the two MCs struggling to trust one another and learn more about a cartel that could be working to encroach on their territory.

The beginning of the book flies by, the story pacing just right, only hurried because I was so engrossed in the book and wanted to know where it was all leading. The last 30% or so, I felt like the pace slowed down for me a bit. Em and Hunter are working on being together (this could be a personal problem because I like tension ;) and we lose a little bit of the excitement of the chase and biker tension. The character of Hunter mellows out more. The author acknowledges this with an "author's note" and states this book could be considered more New Adult than her previous ones. I'm not the biggest New Adult fan and thought this one was sexier than the usual in that genre and had no problems with the character of Hunter; don't let a New Adult tag scare you away.

Em's father, Picnic, is the main secondary character (struggling with letting his daughter grow up) and I imagine we are going to see a book in his honor with the rotating parade of women to his door ending. Other notables include Kit (Em's sister) and Cookie and Deke ( Definitely a story there with these two).

Books like this are my guilty pleasure and this was a great enjoyable one. Read it if you at all like romance and definitely if you like biker romance.