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Fanning the Flames by Victoria Dahl

Fanning the Flames - Victoria Dahl

Lauren is a librarian who has been divorced for 8yrs and has never regretted it but lately has been feeling lonely, in the bedroom. Jake is the town fire captain and a widower whose fire station just so happens to be next door to Lauren's library. They have known each other for years and are now starting to really take notice.


This is a novella, so it's obviously going to be short and sweet. What I didn't expect, was for it to be so complete. This starts off with Lauren observing Jake running shirtless and how hot and bothered it makes her in a fun and light witty banter way. The chik-lit feel continues as Lauren tries to fight her attraction to Jake, bemoans the lack of action happening in her bedroom, and agrees to let her friend take her out for a night out on the town to pick up some hot young eager men. What happens instead is Lauren escaping Jake's house after being caught in flagrante delicto. Jake and Lauren have off the charts bedroom chemistry but Lauren's insecurities rear their ugly head and this is where the story started to become deeper to me.


Lauren criticizes herself for not being what she thought an ideal wife and woman should be. This is partly due to Lauren’s own insecurities and partly due to, what are hinted at, years of little digs by her ex-husband. Many women readers who are Lauren's age or have gone through a similar situation are going to feel a pang in their hearts for her. When she thinks the line "she'd hope that a happy mom was more important for Sawyer than a married one." I know many a woman who is going to have a tear in their eye.


Jake is sexy, mature, and oh so good for Lauren but as this is mostly from Lauren's perspective and due to the strength of her character, you're going to focus more on her. The sex scenes are hot and the pace is steady and strong but as with all novellas, the ending seems abrupt and you'll wish it was longer. Very few novellas manage to pull off such a non-rushed feel and complete story. This is honestly one of the best short stories I have ever read and I will absolutely be picking up the next in the series.