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No Strings Attached by Susan Andersen

No Strings Attached - Susan Andersen

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Tasha Riordan's one night stand lands her in jail…in the Bahamas…for drug trafficking.  Turns out the man she knew as Diego wasn't the only hot thing in the room.  After two terrifying days she is released and sent back to America vowing to never lose control like that again.  Seven years later she walks into her bestfriend's kitchen to see Diego passing the potatoes at the table.  Diego, who is really known as Luc Bradshaw, is an undercover DEA agent and even though he was on R & R when he invited Tasha back to his hotel room, he was still technically on assignment.  Thus begins a story filled with white lies, feelings of betrayal, and a rest of the book that never lived up to the fast paced exciting first two chapters.  
The biggest problem I had was the main characters did not have a lot of interaction and when they did it started off as great fiery banter that slowly veered into unfunny vitriol.  Tasha snaps and snaps at Luc to the point you wonder if his bedroom skills are worth it for her and Luc's feelings of lust never seem to develop into something more; towards the end I really just wanted these two to go their separate ways.  
This is third in a series but can definitely be read as a standalone.  Characters from book one and two get a lot of screen time, so if you read the previous books maybe you would enjoy revisiting them but for others that haven't, it could feel like just a lot of needless filler.  There is also a mini secondary couple followed throughout the story involving a recovering troubled teen boy and struggling with family issues teen girl.  Their story, interaction, and attraction to each other felt more real to me as they actually communicated and developed a relationship.  I found myself way more invested in them towards the end of the story.  
 This had such a promising explosive beginning with characters that seemed to sizzle with chemistry, unfortunately, a lot tiring scenes followed.  Secondary characters needed to be pushed to the side to make room for our main couple and the story should have been heavily edited; it read like a director's cut of a Peter Jackson film.  Susan Andersen usually writes great banter between leads and steadfast paced books, this one, however, missed the mark for me.