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I Adored a Lord - Katharine Ashe

If you like the game Clue with some romance thrown in, you'll probably like this story. For me, there were way too many characters thrown in the mix, to the point I was still racking my brain for who was who half way through the book. The storyline involving the murder mystery was very convoluted and stole a lot of time away from what I thought worked, the chemistry and romance between the leads. Katharine Ashe, in my opinion, really shines when her writing focuses and explores the depth of emotion between her leads. However, the spotlight shone on the whodunnit plot and its vast array of characters for most of the book. I also felt like in the beginning that the leads talked at each other instead of with.


Ashe's writing is solid enough that if you are a mystery/Clue fan and like a splash of romance, you'll probably enjoy this one. I on the other hand, am going to set this one aside and anxiously anticipate the next in the series and hope that the style, elements, and emotion Ashe writes so well are more prevalent in it.