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No Hero by Mallory Kane

No Hero - Mallory Kane

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Reghan is an investigative reporter who because of some daddy issues and getting burned by a man she was dating turning out to be married, likes to bust people on live t.v. for any hidden sordid past deeds. Dev is a police detective with a street kid past who ended up making good with the help of a fatherly cop mentor. When the two meet up there is instant chemistry but with a little digging Reghan finds out Dev is wanted for the murder of his stepfather that occurred many years ago. Reghan confronts him on live t.v. and needless to say Dev is not a happy camper with her and any relationship they start to have is kaput. Fast forward a couple months, Reghan has information about murders occurring that interestingly have a lot to do with Dev. There is a lot of mistrust but also a lot of chemistry as Reghan and Dev work together to try and solve the case.

This was the first book I have ever read from this author and I have to say I was really impressed. The writing is very descriptive, to the point I could easily see the scene as I read it. There is romance in the story but it almost takes a backseat to the suspense/murder arc. It's a very gritty story; if you like Mr. Perfect by Linda Howard then you definitely want to read this. No Hero is a very quick read as the story keeps you in its grip as it rolls along. The sexual tension between Reghan and Dev is hot but I did feel a little shorted on the sex scenes; maybe I'm just a pervert though.

Dev and Reghan are great solid characters. Reghan could annoy you with her major distrust issues but Dev you're going to want to eat up with a spoon with his dominating protective side. They work well together and apart each having interesting details that keep you invested in their story. There were at times I felt the writing got a little repetitive and the ending with them falling in love was rushed, they spend the majority of the book being growly, then warming up, and then suddenly together. The anticipation was excellent, the eventually payoff, not so satisfying.

Even with what I thought didn't work well with the story, there is a lot that did work well and it's enough for me to recommend this book. Again, if you are a fan of Linda Howard's writing and grittier suspense with some romance then this is for you. I'll definitely be giving this author another try.