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The Romancies - Part 2: Favorite Secondary Character

Favorite Secondary Character



Bailey - Making Faces by Amy Harmon

Bailey is Fern's (lead female) cousin and has muscular dystrophy. You get to read about how he desperately loves wrestling but except for one brief shinning moment will never do it, keeps up the funny, loveable, wiseguy routine to make others comfortable in his presence, have a low moment and revel in it because he damn well deserves it, hurt for him with his unrequited love, and watch as he heals Ambrose (lead male) almost as much as Fern does. His character delivers a hard emotional gut punch that you won't soon forget.


Deviln St. Just - The Captive by Grace Burrowes

Devlin is a fellow soldier and eventual friend of Christian (lead male) that provides a muted comic relief in an otherwise heavy toned story.  He provides the perfect balance of empathy and pushiness to help heal Christian.


Lavinia - The Songbird's Seduction by Connie Brockway

It seems Lavinia (aunt to our female lead) in her youth had a dangerously romantic moment worthy of a penny dreadful. The ending result of this was a lost love and a pouch of rubies to be divided up after fifty years. This storyline starts off the adventure that brings our two leads together.  Lavinia's past gets dolled out throughout and you'll feel for her as decisions get regretted and what ifs plague her.  She has a hidden flame insider of her that you'll want to see burst free and hold your breathe as she has a chance at finally getting her happily ever after.


Bree - Stirring Up Trouble by Kimberly Kincaid

Bree (younger sister to male lead) surprisingly, was my favorite character as her emotional drama of missing her mother and trying to get Gavin (male lead) to react or open up to her was the most poignant part of the story. Your heart will ache for this teenager who desperately needs and misses her mother who recently died after a battle with cancer and has to deal with an emotionally distant brother.


Armie - No Limits by Lori Foster

Oh, Armie! Funny, naughty, tough, and caring. Clearly there is a deeply layered backstory waiting to be revealed with him and something simmering under the surface with Cannon's (lead male) sister.  I can't wait to read his story!


Bogart - Irresistible Forces by D.D. Ayers

He is the bestfriend of the male lead and brings our main couple together. Bogart is caring, loving, energetic, and very protective.  He is an alpha who doesn't mind showing his softer side.  You'll want to spend your evenings with him cuddling on the couch and won't even mind his shedding problem ;)


Aurelia - The Good Debutante's Guide to Ruin by Sophie Jordan

Aurelia is Declan's (male lead) cousin and oh how wonderfully sassy she is! She is strong and adventurous with just the hint of the right amount of vulnerability. I can't wait to read her story with Max and experience all the sexual tension their banter is going to provide.







How could I pick anyone but Bailey? A very heartbreaking character. Agree, Disagree? Who was your favorite secondary character from 2014?


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