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The Romancies - Part 7: Best Contemporary, Best Historical, and Best of 2014

This year was one of the best reading years for quality that I have had in a while :)  I found a lot of new authors that I am excited about to continue reading and a couple series that I would sell my nonexistent firstborn to be able to read the next in the series immediately.  The following are the top ten contemporary and historical books I had the privilege of reading this year.


*clicking on covers brings you to my review of the book or if I didn't write one their Amazon page


Best Contemporary






No Limits by Lori Foster   


I've not been shy about my love of Cannon, for three books I was waiting for him and Yvette to get their happily ever after. I loved it and all the side characters that also made appearances and that I now can't wait to read about.



Best Historical


Nominees:                                                                        The Captive Series




Evernight by Kristen Callihan


 I really shouldn't like this book or series, it's paranormalish, steampunkish, supernaturalish, and a whole bag of fantasy.  I tend to stay away from those elements but this series is fascinating, intriguing, and damn good.  Will and Holly were my couple of the year and combined with the world building and story Ms. Callihan has going, this book was amazing. So it should come as no surprise,


Best Book of 2014



Read the rest of the books just so you can get to this 5th in the series.



Have a good New Year and may everyone's 2015 be full of wonderful reads!