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Lethal Consequences by Elisabeth Naughton

Lethal Consequences (The Aegis Series Book 2) - Elisabeth Naughton

****Full Review****


I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Olivia is experiencing a little bit of wrong place and wrong time. After being taken hostage because of issues to do with her CIA sister Eve and then rescued by one hot operative named Landon (Extreme Measures), Olivia's normal staid existence isn't cutting it anymore. With months of flirty texting back and forth between them, Olivia decides to surprise visit Landon in Spain where he is just finishing up a job. The surprise is on her though when a sexy woman appears in his hotel room and Olivia finds herself taken hostage once again as she runs down the street trying to get away from Landon. Landon barely has time to process Olivia showing up in Spain before he is battling a lethal woman in his hotel room and then taken in a van with Olivia. Landon and Olivia not only fight for survival but for a chance to prove to one another what they're really made of.
The suspense aspect of this gets rolling right away, the Red Brotherhood terrorist group makes a splash and our characters are running and fighting for their lives. Not only is a highly feared terrorist group involved but also a world defining serum that can be injected into a human body that would be able to track them undetected (think political leaders and knowing exactly where they are for assassination purposes). Dani, a girl that Landon once saved, is the only one who can create the antidote and perfect the serum and only he knows where she is, hence the abduction and leverage Olivia can provide. The Red Brotherhood injects Olivia with the serum to force Landon to travel to Dani for the antidote, the serum kills whoever is injected with it right now, thus revealing her hideout. A bunch of secondary characters from the previous book and future books make appearances (mostly operatives in the Aegis Security Agency) and help Landon and Olivia fight the good fight. Is this all a wee bit farfetched and possibly not very accurate? Yes, but Jason Statham movies are extremely popular for a reason, they are exciting and fun. If you're willing to roll with this story it will provide a quick rip roaring good time.
As with the suspense scenes, the sex scenes don't mess around and come up quick. There is a little bit of missed them falling in love as Olivia and Landon met in the previous book but the author does a credible job of showing and telling why these two characters feel so connected to one another. Olivia has a few annoying moments when she balks at the killing and violence (if I'm ever taken hostage by a terrorist group feel free to snap as many necks as you need to free me) of it all, making it a bit heavy handed with her innocence and goodness. She also has a couple TSTL moments with unnecessarily endangering herself, listen to the professional lady! Landon is the star of the show in this book, think of it as if Quinn from Homeland got placed in a romance story. He's a trained assassin who has had emotion systematically trained out of him but after meeting Olivia his heart is starting to beat again. He is strong, capable, and interesting to follow and read about. Olivia and Landon are very black and white but together they work.
If you like action movies with some precision timed sex scenes are willing to go with the flow and want a quick thrilling read, Lethal Consequence is for you. There seems to be plenty of heroes in the wings too, I’m especially going to be on the lookout for Jake the boss and Marley the sassy assistant's book.

*I was able to mention Jason Statham and Quinn from Homeland in one review! Such a big win for me :)