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Mackenzie's Mountain - Linda Howard

I wish I had read this about 10-20yrs ago, I think then I would have loved it as much as others do. There are a couple older books (hello, purple prose!) that are very close to my heart that others read for the first time in this day and age and they don't find it as great as me. I think this may be the case with this book and me, I liked it but cringed at some parts. One person's sentimentalism is another person's expiration date. 

Our main couple, Mary and Wolf, had an incredibly sweet relationship and I definitely see what all the fuss was about with them. I would recommend this book solely on the emotions between the two. 

The writing is good because, Linda Howard obviously, and I will certainly be checking out Wolf's son Joe's book, I have a feeling he is going to be one hell of a leading man.