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The Dark Affair - Maire Claremont

For her . . . For a few disrespectful words, he had thrown a keeper against the wall, knowing the consequences. And for this he did nothing. Her heart suddenly twisted at the dichotomy. How did such a man as Powers love? Wholly. Wholly and beyond. Which was why he had lost himself. For all he loved had vanished from this world. Viscount Powers was not a man easily understood. But soon she would have all the time in the world to understand him. And understand him, she would.


You know how I was sticking with this series because of the promise I could sense in the author? I think I'm getting rewarded here, a heroine that would more than hold her own with a Courtney Milan one, a hero that has tortured depths, a couple that hold serious promise with their verbal fencing and undercurrent of layered feelings, and a backdrop of the Irish plight. I'm very excited and locked in....