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I was bored :(

Tremaine's True Love - Grace Burrowes

I think this was supposed to be a novel you sink into, wrapped in a blanket and sipping tea. I haven't read a lot of Burrowes' books, she publishes amazingly quickly, therefore, I'm not wildly familiar with all her characters, their families, and connections. I'm going to blame this for the main reason I couldn't sink into the story. 

I liked our lead couple, a bit tepid but reserved in a way with their emotions that matches the times but what I'd call side characters, who are probably well known to avid Burrowes' readers, invaded the story way too much, along with the talk of sheep. I think it was supposed to be trifling funny and add credence to the overall story because, people's livelihood and all but besides the first baby lamb scene, I wanted to say baa-bye to them.

If I was editor, I would have slashed 70% of the story, I hate to say it but I was bored. I want to say nothing happens but I mean that in an action way, this is strictly a character driven and following along with relationships story. I usually like character driven stories but yeah, I still can't help saying nothing happens. Burrowes is a great writer and can turn a nice phrase but this book is probably better left to readers looking for a slower moving and wide circle of characters with varying stories, book.

I'm going to try the next in the series and hope it focuses on the main couple more.