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Tickled my funny bone

Neanderthal Seeks Human - Penny Reid

4.5 stars

I battled a lot with rating 5 or 4 but that fact that it was free and got me so excited about it pushed it over the hump but this is a very solid 4.5.
There are numerous great reviews for this book, this won't be one of them. What follows isn't a critical take on the story and characters but a quick breakdown on my personal likes/dislikes; sometimes I just like to quickly book talk :)

What kept it from being perfect:
- Ida butting into my sex scenes (what Janie calls her Id, think psychology class, and who takes over with lame breezy comments about how lost she is into the moment instead of giving me lewd pervy hot sexy play-by-play)

- No Quinn pov (I like both sides of the story and often feel without a character's pov I don't ever truly know them)

- A lot happening with side characters that doesn't get fully explained or developed (crazy sisters doing crazy things, mob connections, and a whole group of knitting women. I assume we'll get more in depth with these characters later but here I felt like I was taking a ride on Disney's Space Mountain, everything was colorful and shooting by me very quickly)

What made it perfect for me:
- Janie's personality (she's left of center and her nervous quoting of facts and anecdotes created some quirky humor that tickled my funny bone. Your enjoyment of this book will be directly related to how you mesh with our heroine. As I've said before, quirky humor is quirky and doesn't work for all)

- Janie and Quinn's interaction (I liked that I could tell he liked her and how Janie was oblivious to this and I Loved how Quinn interacted with Janie. He didn't merely tolerate her quirks, he generally liked them and engaged with her)

- Janie and Elizabeth's relationship (Women can be friends! Women can have relationships outside of men! Women can support one another!)

This book was free for Amazon kindle and it STILL is, go, run, break a finger nail in your hurry to one click this. The author is so crazy for giving this book away for free. I mean, I liked it so much, I went and bought the next four books in the series. What a sucker!