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The nephew and hero had a better relationship

Four Nights With the Duke - Eloisa James

"So you are looking for a husband," he said agreeably. "And you thought, hey ho, I'll have a go at a duke?"

This had some humor to it through the couple's commentary back and forth that I liked. The whole story takes place pretty much within a week and I think this caused the lack of relationship I felt between the two. The hero Vander spends a vast majority of the time saying clueless slightly mean things to the heroine Mia while she spends the vast majority weeping and hurt. They're angry, they are lustily attracted to each other, rinse and repeat. The additives to the story, the evil uncle wanting to inherit Mia's nephew's inheritance, Mia's fiance who maybe maybe not jilted her, and the ending danger scene, felt disjointed. It seemed the last 30% or so of the story didn't know where to go and felt dragged out. There were some heartfelt moments though, with Charlie, Mia's nephew, and Vander that will melt your heart.