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"She thought it over, but couldn’t see any immediate loopholes other than the threat of her inner slut emerging, and she could darned well control that little bitch."— Susan Elizabeth Phillips

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Maximum Exposure - Alison Kent

“Who hurt you?”Finn asked, his voice pitched low and coming from just behind her.
She kicked at a cloud of bubbly foam. “A friend of my father’s. He said I invited his advances. Told me I’d asked for it with the way I flounced around half undressed.”
“You know you didn’t. No woman asks for a sexual assault.”
She tried to shrug off his words. “He didn’t really hurt me—”
“Of course, he did. If not physically, then emotionally. How old were you?”
“Fourteen. Old enough to know better.”
“He was right. About that much, anyway. I’d seen him looking at me. I knew what he was thinking.”She lifted her face, letting the breeze cool her. “But he wasn’t going to have any say in what I wore. I had the right to wear anything I wanted to, damn him, to expose as much of my body as society said was decent. I’d show him. And I did. Until he showed me.”She didn’t move when she sensed Finn coming closer. She didn’t freeze or flinch. She wanted him there. Wanted the comfort he offered when he stood behind her and wrapped her up in his arms. She closed hers on top of his and held him there, sinking into him, needing the support of his body, but needing even more the emotional rock he offered.

Ladies and gentleman, this is a hero. There were so many little but immensely powerful moments from this hero Finn in regards to healing the heroine. Swoon.

This one started off pretty slow with Finn doing some P.I. work and Olivia purposefully crossing paths with him. Then about 20% in, we get a second couple of Judi and Roland/Roman (he is undercover DEA) that share equal time, trading off, with Finn and Olivia. About 40% in this becomes erotica and what a steamy sexy read it is. Both of our couples are far from shy and burn up of the pages with their chemistry. Then about 60% in the story starts to hit some deep emotional tones delving into our characters' childhood issues and how they affect them today and finally the last bit plays out the suspense storyline. This story is a hard one to pinpoint because of all its different components and while it made it different, it also made it uneven. However, the hot sex and little devastating emotional moments more than makeup for the other grouses.