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The Prince and I (The Oxenburg Princes) - Karen Hawkins

Started off with promise, a re-imagined telling of Robin Hood. Our Robert is dead but his widow, Lady Murian, robs from the rich to give to the poor and leads a band of widows, a giant, and Will in a community in the woods.
I was a big fan of our hero, Prince Max. He is not the heir but the General of the country's military. He was sexy competent and occasionally stubbornly take charge. Murian and him worked very well together but after their first feisty meeting, their romantic relationship gets boiled down to repetitive moments of trying to find alone time to make out and getting interrupted.
The villain storyline, Murian trying to get into the castle to find a journal to prove the new Lord of the castle cheated her husband and Max's grandmother trying to get back an item she lost in a card game to the same lord (which was kept secret for far too long) all felt needlessly dragged out, especially when we the readers never really get to know the villain or see him.
Our couple had good chemistry but I didn't really feel the romance here as their relationship didn't really have any build up. I am interest though in reading the third now as I want to see Nikolai, the heir and who looks to be possibly wonderfully broody, get his happily ever after.