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Devil's Embrace - Catherine Coulter

After the gang rape I kind of fast forward through reading this :/

It did start off kind of interestingly wild, childhood love, kidnapping, and drama lama but as it approached the half way point it started to drag and the last half just wasn't interesting. Our supposed hero Anthony doesn't really make an appearance, except to kidnap and then rape the heroine, he mostly hangs around waiting for the heroine to agree to marry him. Our heroine Cassie is 18-20yrs old in the story and is written fairly well, it's just that the only material she has is to react to men wanting to rape her and/or marry her. There wasn't even any wild fun shipwrecks or the heroine picking up a sword, although she does shoot hero at one point; it was lacking the wild kookiness dramatic flare that brings me back to these old bodice rippers. 

This is best lost to the annuals of time.