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Endless sex scene fillers

The Highlander Takes a Bride - Lynsay Sands

Our introduction to the hero is a blowjob scene with another woman, not my favorite but could have moved on if story and main heroine/hero relationship was good...it was not for me....at all.
By page 80 the hero had given the heroine an orgasm...this is historical romance.

This is very light on the historical feel, scenes and character demeanor. Our hero talks and thinks endlessly about and with his penis, our heroine ad nauseam mentions that she has seven brothers and that is why she is like no other lady and curses, open with her sexuality and body, and generally acts like a contemporary heroine. I promise, I'm not going to get on my soapbox about modern bent historicals.

I started severely skimming after the 40% mark but for a book I wouldn't categorize as erotic, my god there was a lot of sex filler scenes.
If you want to read about a couple speaking in Scottish accents but not get a historical feel, hear about growing up with seven brothers, and simply read sex scenes (I fully recognize there is an audience for this) then this would trip your trigger.