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The Winter Sea - Susanna Kearsley

Where’e’er I go, my Soul shall stay with thee:

’Tis but my Shadow that I take away;’


First off, the delicious history in this was my favorite part. I loved how the author intertwined real historical events and people while adding artistic flair. Amazing. 


Far more than most of my friends have rated this very highly, and the writing definitely deserves it. Unfortunately, while I loved the history and writing quality, the back and forth past and present perspectives didn't fully gel with me. Until the 50% point I felt it pretty jarring and after that, I was resentful whenever I had to leave either story (the present day romance and hero ended up feeling very underdeveloped); they were both so well done I wanted the focus solely on one. So I guess the stories were too well done for me?! I guess I'm saying the format or structure was off for me while the content was great. 


Don't read this spoiler if you plan on reading the book


As soon as our present day heroine read that past heroine married another dude, I had the thought that it was still the hero (we already had the info that he was a wanted man). Then the knowledge of his death went further on and I was starting to believe it. This may be an unromantic thought but, I think I would have liked the story more if he had really died. It felt a little eye rolling and manipulated happy ending to me. Also, not fully sure why they had to ditch the kid :/

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