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Glazed donut

All I Want  - Jill Shalvis

First off, the book stars Oreo, a Bernese Mountain dog. That's a Lab, I'm fairly certain, on the cover. No. Give me the right doggie. And as long as we are making wishes, give me a Rottweiler. In the story and on the cover. 


Anyway, not trying to say it in a rude way but if you've read one Jill Shalvis, you've more or less read them all. Late 20s early 30s heroine, some mish mash of getting life together or down on luck combined with been burned by guy before or stone-walled from poopy parents. Hero is mid-thirties, mish mash of uniform job, poopy parents, recovering from harrowing incident from said uniform job, and sweetly alpha.  A meet-cute follows by funny conversations, sexy encounters, and the heroine put in a precarious situation. The characters are always affable and I always end up smiling over something. This one followed the formula and I liked it.


The formula works because it's a glazed donut, no one turns down a glazed donut, they're delicious. They take the edge off but rarely do they blow your socks off. There have been Shalvis books I've liked more than others but usually they fall into the good category. Which is not a complaint but it's not a thunderous standing ovation either. They are a glazed donut to me, they get the job down but they're no Ain't That a Peach fritter (Voodoo Donuts reference ;) either.