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I smell yellow

The Yellow Wallpaper - Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Elaine Hedges

Ugh, I couldn't help myself, I had to reread this because of everyone's fantastic posts about it. My comments from the group page:  

Every time I read this, I get more angry and sad. Now in my thirties, I have more shitty experiences as a woman under my belt and I think it gives me more of a connection to this. So much yes, to the gaslighting comment!
I think he fainted because of the visual of what he created, I always thought under his superiority he knew she wasn't "crazy" and was more trying to teach her a lesson), which I think is where the theme of power, who has it, how they use it, and how those that don't are affected comes in.
I haven't looked up a lot about other's interpretations of this but I always wondered why the color yellow, if it had significance.
I think as a woman, it hits harder, every time you legitimately wanted to go crazy when someone says "calm down" "don't be hysterical" or tries to take your power from you, it feels as if you're in this yellow papered room.
After I read this, I started saying "I smell yellow" whenever a dude thought I should "calm down" :)


I didn't want to do rereads for bingo squares but I'm going to mark the group read square now but if I have time, I'll go back and join a group read of one I haven't read :)