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Forbidden - Beverly Jenkins

I don't know if it is the author's writing style or just this story but there was a bit of a stark back and forth between the characters' dialogue that gave the story a choppy feel to me. I liked the introduction to Rhine but Eddy's jumped so quickly from sister to nice wagon driver guy to evil wagon driver guy that I couldn't settle in with the character; this obviously improved when Eddy finally gets settled but it was an awkward beginning. 


There was a little bit of a feeling of insta between Rhine and Eddy because of the inner thoughts we are given and how they don't get a huge spotlight on them specifically together; Rhine is still engaged to someone else until 50% into the book. Even though I wanted more of it, I did enjoy the gradual, almost shy, way Rhine and Eddy begin to spend time together, pretty sweet. 


The romance aspect let me down a bit but what I loved was the way the author incorporated the political climate and shifting society after the Civil War, this takes place in 1870. The author manages to take broad issues and apply them down to this little town in Nevada where political dealings within the Republican party, changing attitudes, and segregation are being discussed and affecting people's lives. I got an incredible feel for the times, what individuals were dealing with, and the characters had an authenticity to them; this is what a historical should feel like. Eddy was a wonderful strong woman character but within the framework of her times and no less for it.