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A Halloween Hookup: A Between the Pages Novella (The Page Turners Series) - Jennie Marts

"Happy crazy Halloween. What a night." She grinned. "Still think I put a spell on you?" 

He shrugged. "Don't care. If you did, I hope you don't take it off. I like you and I like us together."

"Can you handle our differences? Keep an open mind about my work and what I do?"

"Hey, I already tried a pumpkin spice latte and participated in a seance---what else do you want from me?"



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This was a very short (50pgs or so) story but was really fun. With an opposites attract, hero is a former cop and current gritty jaded P.I.and heroine is a fun loving self-proclaimed witch who can communicate with the dead, set-up, Halloween Hook-up was a sexy, dash of spookiness, and fun read. The heroine and hero had great chemistry with their polar personalities and sexual heat. It's a short story so the attraction happens fast but honestly, it didn't feel like insta-lust/love. They were just so darn adorable together! The ghost, murder mystery, jewel heist felt a bit forced and rushed but it still came together enough to feel credible. If you're looking for a quick Halloween read you definitely want to pick this one up. I'm going to check out the other books in the series because I really liked the cute, sexy, and great flow to this author's writing.