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Revisited Fairy Tales

The Book of Lost Things - John Connolly

"They say that the king has a book, a Book of Lost Things."




I'm 80% sure I've read this before but for some reason I can't specifically remember it, so maybe I read or saw a movie that was similar. My memory is poop.


I think the revisiting some fairy tales didn't work the best for me because it's such well worn path. This would probably fit into the YA group (a little descriptive with blood/gore) and to really grab my attention, I would have liked it to go even darker. My least favorite was the the Snow White section, just meh, to having her be spoiled. Proving my love for all things dark, my favorite was the Crooked Man.


"I made you do nothing, Jonathan," replied the Crooked Man. "You did it because you wanted to. No one can make you do evil. You  had evil inside you, and you indulged it. Men will always indulge it."


His first sightings in the beginning were pretty creepy and towards the end where he makes a stronger appearance, his character brought on the spine chills. 


Also, a shout out to Roland who shut down any of David's homophobia with a 'None of your business' and Anna who delivered one of the story's most creepy lines:


"He ate my heart," she whispered.


Overall, an inventive way to teach kids/adults about letting grief go and letting new people into your lives. Would recommend to Step-parents so they can scare their step-kids into liking them with hovering the Crooked Man above their heads :)