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Dare to Run - Jen McLaughlin

Ummm, fairly certain this isn't how baseball works. The Boston Red Sox are at home.



It was the bottom of the ninth, with a tied game, bases loaded, and Ortiz had stepped up to the plate, stretching and swinging his bat in circles. The Phillies’Ken Giles lined himself up, eyeing Ortiz across the expanse of the field. Even from here, I could feel the tension between the two men. “Damn.”Heidi bit down on her lip and leaned forward. “He’s good, right?”

“Giles or Ortiz?”

“Ortiz.”She waved a hand. “I can see Giles is good. I’ve been watching him off and on all night.”

I forced back a grin at her attitude. “Some say so, yeah.”

“And you?”She darted a quick glance at me before turning back to the game. “Do you say so?”

“Yeah.”Ortiz swung and missed, making Heidi let out a string of curses. As they lined up for the second pitch, she pressed her lips against the rim of her beer, murmuring something under her breath. I thought I heard the words please and hit it, but I couldn’t be sure. I chugged back the rest of my draft beer. “You know, for someone who doesn’t like baseball, you sure are—”Ortiz made contact with the ball, and it flew out past the third baseman. The crowd went wild, and Heidi leapt to her feet, completely ignoring me to whoop loudly. It was a double, so two men made it home, putting the Red Sox officially in the lead.

She turned to me, a bright smile on her face. “That means we won, right?”

“Yep.”I pointed at her beer. “Finish that, and we can head out if you want. I’ll put you out of your misery.”

She glanced at the pitcher on the field. “But it’s not over yet. He’s still out there.”

“Yeah, but I know you don’t like baseball, and I wouldn’t want to torture you needlessly,”I teased, smirking. “Unless you want to stay."


A few moments later, she buys a beer. In the bottom of the ninth. 



How did this make it through editing? No one has ever been to a baseball game or know the rules?