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Thee Drama

Scandalous Desires - Elizabeth Hoyt

She, Silence Hollingbrook, meek widow of no particular means, had just faced down Charming Mickey O'Connor, the most feared pirate in London.


I was looking forward to this couple because of how "good" Silence and how "bad" Mickey was set-up portrayed; I'm found of supposed opposites like this, a'la Devil in Winter. Their portrayals ended up being a bit more heavy handed than I like, though. Silence became a bit annoying with her somewhat dry personality and Mickey started to wear thin with his continuous lounging and not taking action against the Vicar.


She soothed his soul, this woman.


This seemed a bit more slow paced, or maybe I just felt like not a lot was happening. Mickey and Silence have some obvious chemistry but I was looking for more talking back and forth and building development instead of the focus on Mickey already knowing he wanted Silence forever. I guess I felt like some connection was missing between them.


For while her head knew she had done the right thing in leaving Michael, her heart was not so sure. Her heart didn't want a good man at all.

Her heart wanted a pirate.


I'm not a big kid person but the baby Mary Darling was a pretty big component in the story only to be a stand-in decoration and felt fairly forgotten; Mickey is said to have bonded with her but I can't say I really saw it. 

I liked this story but more because of the wonderful world Hoyt has created, with past and future characters flitting in and out. Hoyt also does an incredible job with her sex scenes, which there are always plenty of, but this time the emotional component wasn't as strong for me. I also felt the story and characters had a melodramatic flair to it that didn't jive with me but the hero was pirate so what did I expect :)

I hope Bran gets a story :)