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Task the Eighth:  The Movie Ticket:

- Read a book that has been adapted to a holiday movie.


12 Men of Christmas Poster

This book was made into the movie 12 Men of Christmas  . I caught it on tv a couple years ago and instantly thought of it for this challenge, correctly guessing it started off as a book. This may make me a turncoat but I liked the movie better :/ However, it starred Kristin Chenoweth and had Anna Chlumsky, who I now love from Veep, so it was ahead of the game. 


While the movie was set in America, the book is set in England, providing me with some delightful little English vernacular. So much use of the word "kit", I guess y'all don't say clothing? Even though I got to imagine everyone with an enchanting English accent, the writing style made point-of-view switching from the heroine and hero confusing and awkward. In fact, the whole story felt a little disordered and I had a hard time warming up to both the hero and heroine. Maybe the Yank in me, but I much approved of the movie's fun cheesiness and the holiday feel that was severely lacking in the original content.