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A Midnight Clear (A Fly Me to the Moon Holiday Novella) - Genevieve Turner, Emma Barry

Task the Ninth:  The Happy New Year:

- Every year you get a little bit older! Read a coming of age novel or any old favorite comfort read to start the new year right.


Y'all. Seriously.



Set in 1948 we have Frances, a nineteen year old Admiral's daughter who has basically had to take on the responsibility of wife, setting up dinners and functions, after her mother passed away. She is constantly hounded by young naval men only wanting to date her to get in good with her father. 



In walks Joe, a midshipman who has one conversation with Frances and gets struck by love at first sight. It's a novella, so I'll forgive the insta-love but only because how the rest of the story went.



Just, gah. I don't know, it was so romantic! The way Joe pursues Frances, y'all, he gives her books...



THAT HE READ. He read a Georgette Heyer for her.





As she watched him, he didn't touch her; He looked. Merely looked.. Looked in a way that made touching beside the point. His hands were in his pockets, and her heart was in her mouth.


You're going to swoon hard for Joe. Frances was a bit of a tough cookie but oh how you understand her when she says she doesn't want to be a Navy man's wife. I loved Frances' family, sister and father. Her father may anger you at first but with few words and one amazing scene where he sits on the floor with Frances, you'll sympathize with a man who did a tough job and maybe doesn't fully understand raising girls but loves them. I loved how the authors had Joe showing respect for the Admiral and a bit nervous but in a couple scenes show him standing up to him and for Frances. Y'all, again,



There's not too much of a holiday feel to this but who needs that when you have Joe. This story is just so romance-y and if you want your face to hurt from smiling and your heart to feel like it is going to burst out of your chest, you must read this. 

Surprisingly, the only down fall was the epilogue for me. Reminder it is 1948 so their sex scene is a bit..awkward and I don't know, it kind of dented the chemistry I felt from the couple earlier. Or maybe it's just my 21st century womanhood screaming, "Get at it Frances!" cause, y'all, again,



So, I know this review is basically me telling you I have the hots for Joe but I had to let someone know, couldn't keep it to myself. Read this book if you at all like romance.