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Toooooooooo loooooooooooooong

Storm and Silence (Storm and Silence Saga) (Volume 1) - Robert Thier

Positive - This may have sucked any will I usually have to want books to be longer. For at least a month. Still me we're talking about here.



I'm a huge fan of Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23 and as I read this, I was constantly thinking about this scene.

This story is extremely, EXTREMELY long and there were still no payoffs. The main couple somewhat acknowledge an attraction but we only get some smooches and cheek touching. The romance part of this went in circles, repeatedly. 


The mystery/searching/villain part was interesting but was drowned out by how much needed to be edited out, pointless scenes and the slow, going nowhere romance. It's first person from the heroine's point of view, so we know her character a bit more. In the beginning, I was seriously wondering if this was satire, tongue-in-cheek, or a male rights activist treatise on feminist women. The heroine calls all men chauvinist (this word is used so much I'll probably have nightmares) and basically the militant hate all men because they are men, that people who rail against feminism like to constantly talk (invent) about. This exaggerated anti-male attitude disappeared as the focus of the heroine's personality about half way through, thank goodness. 


The hero mostly stayed in the shadows as we got no point of view from him and never really learn anything about him. I'm guessing in the next book we'll get more his background story but here without it, he never made a big impression on me. 


There was a secondary romance with the heroine's sister but it was so childish, exaggerated, and over-the-top with the conversations and proclaimed love between the couple that started skipping any pages/scenes dedicated to them, I just couldn't, y'all. 


I didn't see a young adult categorization but I would place it under that. There were footnotes on a decent amount of historical words/events mentioned in the story that it felt like an acknowledgement to beginning readers. Also, the only thing that makes this historical is because the author placed it during English woman's suffrage. The speech/language of heroine and characters is extremely modern. 


This was a Goodreads best of 2016 nominee, obviously I'm in the minority but I won't be continuing in the series because:

I've read, like, 600pgs and I don't even feel romance.

Oh, that's because there's no love or sex in there.

So I'm just reading, like a kid?

What is happening at these best of romance rewards is ridiculous!