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The Paid Companion - Amanda Quick

A lot of friends loved this book but I just could not connect to the couple. You know the way that a lot of people feel about Lillian from Kleypas' It Happened One Autumn (I personally like her)? That's the way I felt about this heroine, she just rubbed me the wrong way. She's great with her take charge attitude and confidence but there was a "I'm doing it my way because no other way could be right" that made me jerk back. I love me some strong independent women but in romance books, I do tend to like them to come with a hint of vulnerability, which I didn't feel here. 


Our hero had a great dry wit but I felt it bled over to his personality too much, he was dry as toast. It's obvious he likes the heroine but it was in a dry way, I needed some sweeping romance that wasn't provided. The romance didn't connect for me and this couple didn't provide me with the joy that keeps me reading this genre.


The mystery with trying to find the villain, second coming of Newton, and the Jove's Thunderbolt was a bit scattered for me and I never truly bought in to it. So, yeah, not a lot worked for me on this one, lol. It's Amanda Quick so the writing is of course good and like I said, many others have loved this, I'm just not one of them.